Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I keep on wondering ~~
should I proceed ??
Am I a stupid girl?
Gosh, give me some hint ~~
Keep on thinking of someone that not related with you!
Arrggghhhh ~
Please wake me up ~
It's impossible happen between me and him ~
Wondering that why I always wasting my time here ~~
What I suppose to do ~
I should grab any opportunity that can make myself become better and better ~~
I m sooooo weak in my course already ~
Still playing fun around ~
and thinking nonsense ~
s*cks ~~
- _ -
aiksss ~
How should I give him up ?
So that my life become better ?
Continue to find chance so that make something possible between both of us ??

ps:: Just back to blogspot, I m sooo lazy on blogging ? haha ~~ seem like have problems just update ~ :DD