Thursday, September 10, 2009

~~Lucky Girl~~

Today, since I got exam for my pre-calculus..
Is something like add math's questions.
Yesterday night,I called my dad for helping me to solve the questions..
Really,without my dad,I really don't know wanna find who to help me..
Since,my dad is the one who can help me always, especially in my study..
I'm a lucky girl,since I have a high education's daddy.
He's is Master in the math subjec..
Like Bachelor In Science, or a quite high level's education compare to my friends' father..
Besides, my dad and mum also very worry about my study here..
And now is exam period..
they truely worry, really...
But also because of their concern, then i just can really wanna do well in my exam too..
I m appreaciate to my mum and dad,give me good condition...and always concern about..
and I m also luck to meet my Mr.K...
He is also turely a Good Good person...
He helps me again today..
Give me opinion and strategies to face my problem..
thanks a lot..for helping me when I m in trouble...
Thanks God for giving me a good life and family...