Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally I find back my password ~@@

This duration is exam time ~
Our Tarcian now is Pia for the finals ~
To strike for the best result ~~
No matter, how we all unwilling to face it ~
But, we have to ~ zz

I just recover from my sickness ~~ eh hem** ~ actually still coughing ~@@
This time is serious than previous ~ Running nose and coughing, for a week!!
The snivel keep on come out non-stop ~ My nose seem like gonna dropped down ~@@

This time I also ate severals panadolsss ~ arrgh ! Hate it ~~
Ate for 10 days antibiotic ~ (today is the last day,Finally~.~) then, i seem recover~~[maybe...]
So good huh, during examination period, I m suffer with the sickness ~~
Really sooooooo "GOOD" ~

CNY is coming soon ^^~ Hopes this year could be special ! XDD