Monday, February 28, 2011


2 more semesta-s for me to go, at TARC ~ I wanna pass all and clear all remaining papers~
if not, I will cry without tears ~T_T
Actually after my Diploma here, then should I proceed to Advanced at TARC too in KL campus??
How should I decide? I m thinking to MMU for my Degree ~ What decision should me make ??
Its confusing ~
No idea ~ But still need to think of it ~ Besides, my results are just normal standards ~ I afraid that I could not compete with others ~>_<""
It is terrible ~!
Besides, my mum gonna quit her job soon ~ Sooner or later, I need to go for work if need to take care of the house ~ It will be a very BIG responsible to me ~ Since, the income of family all will be lay on me after that ~ and I should do so, since ~ I m the Eldest~~
After resit and exam all those papers, I should make a conclusion for it ~ As, it is a vital to me and my future~