Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holiday Period ~~

Family One-Day Outing ^^ ==Sunday==
Last Sunday, my parents bring us to Penang ~
I m back to Penang again ~~
anyway, we have fun at QueensBay ^^
My dad boughts his shirt and bought four of us(including himself) the watches !!
Wow ~ thanks dad, I have new watch again ^^

Bye, Jee !! ==Monday==
My brother which is younger than me one year but taller than me....severals cm =.=!!!
swt !! he's back to his own lovely Matric at Kuala Pilah,Seremban there at 11pm~~
He came back for some days~ and I saw him almost doing his differentiation only = =
He seem like at home also ~~ Swt bro ~
Anyway, hope to see him again ~ Because we did not have much time to gather and meet already ~~ should I cry ?? xD anyway, 人有不散之宴席~~
Take Care, Jee!!~~ or taufu ? ? cheh gong ~~ = =!!

Drama+ING ^^
On this Sem Break, I just watching all the dramas ~~ wow, how nice yaa ~ ^^
xD ~~ anyway, my mum and dad also scold me for several times ~~
but I m 江山易改,本性难移~~ paise larr ~~
all this dramas are not bad oo ~~ intro::
hehe ~ happy holiday to me ~ just hope that everything going fine ~
Recently also feel soooo confused again ~ OMG = =