Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back Here Finally~~

Finally back to Penang le~~
erm, so many things need to be settle~
Now, i m be a part timer at Kumon Learning Centre there~(which intro by Mikael) =)
those kids are cute !! so chubi!! ^^
like them so much...hahax.......

This is my year 2 fast, one year le I studied at TARC here~~
hope that I can handle everything for those subjects ~~
My brother last week ady sent him to Matriculation~~ hope he can do his best at there lo~~
For my this sem break, ady got 2 funeral I attended~~ omg, why happen so close...zzzzz
This week almost soak at Gurney there~~ Find books, watch Movie with frens, having dinner and etc~ Yesterday just watch Kidnapper~~ I really cannot withstand with 林德荣, since the scene really make me uncomfortable.....> <"

I also change my songs' list ~~ hope u all like it ~ is my recently played one ~ ^^
Busy Sem, Busy day~~ everything is coming le~~ Add oil ^^
ps: kean hooi, sorry, i just open my blogger, erm, u can try re-comment again ya~~ sometime, i wanna comment at ur there also got some problem ~~

Hopes------ Stay Happy, think Positively yaa ~~^^